An experiment

As a way of stepping back* into the world of blogging, I’ve decided I need to jump in with both feet. I’m a writer at heart, but if I ever want to be more than a writer ‘at heart’, I need to do something real. I’ve already kick-started this, elsewhere, but that will have to wait a few more weeks, I believe, before I discuss it further. In the meantime, I’ve had this idea…

With this site, I am challenging myself to follow through on a year-long literary experiment inspired by the amazing skills and stunning output embodied by the likes of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare (though the use of the term ‘literary’ may end up being entirely face-value, but that is part of what remains to be seen):

I hereby commit to write at least one new paragraph every day, one new page every week, and one new chapter every month. Not enough, you say? Well, how about this: each of these three processes will be a different story. The daily story will be in the Science Fiction genre, the weekly story in the Contemporary Lit genre, and the monthly in the Fantasy genre.
All this, while you, the unseen reader, watch.

Okay,  so I’m not developing cold-fusion or seeking world peace or any such laudable endeavor, but I’m forcing myself to do this, even as I keep my day job afloat. We’ll just  have to see how well I do at either one.

Each story will be kept to its own aptly named category, and I will ask your indulgence in only one thing: grammar. In direct contradiction to the title of this site, I intend to do only minimal revisions prior to posting. Part of this process will be simply to get words on the page. It may not sound like much, and it may not be much, but how to know until I try?

I wonder what the post for 10 Feb, 2009 is going to look like.


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