amendment to admission

yesterday i said i had no idea about the story-by-day plot, etc. that’s partially true. i don’t know where things are going (and that’s certainly quite obvious), but the seed was planted while spending time with my niece a couple months ago. i’m not sure what spawned it, specifically, but i suddenly realized that it was highly likely that her kids would someday beg her to go to the moon, with same fervor as my brother and i begged our parents to visit Disney World.* it kind of shook me to consider that to be possible, and i was then reminded of one of the Star Trek: Next Gen films (First Contact, I think) where Ryker mentions that, in his time, the lunar colony is visible from earth with the naked eye. this terrified me. it feels tragic, and so irrevocable, and seems to affirm our species’ expansion as nothing short of parasitic.

so it’s going to be a happy story, then.

* in their defense, they did bring us, but then i was 15 and i can tell you this: if there’s an age not to go to Disney, it’s 15. i made that trip as miserable as i could with all my moping and anti-family brooding. what an idiot. oh, and i was trying my hardest to grow a mullet, too, i think. my parents are saints.