daily – 7

More to the point, though, none of this is helping me right now. I’ve already mis-mapped the geo-tabbing source columns twice, thanks to not being focused.

As if on cue, Ingrid’s icon gives another anime scream and I mentally kick myself for not replying immediately to her first request. A pair of train whistles follows closely, though, along with the appearance of a pair of Madhav’s celestial icon, one for each request.

Ingrid’s demanding a status update on this trend analysis, her request for it being all of twenty minutes old, and she wants a tweak to a report from Monday by the end of the day, as well.

I move to tap open Madhav’s requests from my queue, consciously not dealing with Ingrid, yet, but before I can touch the screen, several more requests bump up through the line. Why does everyone wait til Friday afternoon to catch up on their work?

I toss down a small handful of chocolate-covered pretzels and crunch my way through the frustration. I probably have another ten minutes to respond to Ingrid before she pings Francis, my handler, who’s really the only person I’ve actually spoken out loud to for the last year or so, other than Patrick and the rare hello in the condo halls.

I quickly ignore that last realization and concentrate on the trend analysis for Ingrid after zipping out a response that she’ll have it and the Monday tweak by five, my time. It’ll have to be done; otherwise my queue looks like I’ll be pushing overtime tonight and Francis will not be pleased.


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