daily – 8

I’ve barely finished Ingrid’s trend, which took me right up to 5 o’clock because of some flack I got from a newbie at the DoD over some standard communications mapping points I needed, when two other requests come in, both with a mandatory response tag. I shift Madhav’s requests down to prioritize, and open the first new one.

It’s a quick 12/24/72-hour power measurement analysis from Gary, an Energy Commision think tank brainiac outside D.C.. He sometimes throws me overflow work, which is fine by me, because his team pays the most, by half. Government work is still the best game in town.

I quickly scan the geopoints he’s listed and pull up the various power grids. Feeding the time-stamped security clearance included in Gary’s request into the accounts and waiting for confirmation is usually the longest part of these, even without newbies.

While I’m waiting, I hear the toilet flush in the bathroom. I turn in in time to see Patrick ignore me before heading downstairs, and I feel guilty again.

“You want Indian tonight?”

He doesn’t respond.

There are three more requests in my queue, when I turn back around. All of them with mandatory response tags.


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