too much time?

i’m taking more time with each of the daily stories, which is fun, even though it’s not the cleanest work (like the switch of tenses), but i’m losing sight of what i was trying to do: follow a story, let it lead me, rather than force it. i have a good skeleton, i think, but i’m spending more and more time now trying to make sure the story flows to it. since i haven’t done any sort of outline or planning for this, other than the most general of arcs in my scribbling on the paper here beside the computer, i spend at least twice as much time thinking and working things out (or trying to), rather than writing, and this was not the point of the daily. i need it to stick to the brief hits, rather than the longer passages.

see where that gets me.

it also means that it looks like my output for the weekly story is less than for the daily. i also think i botched the first try at the weekly, but there may yet be a chance to recover.


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