daily – 10

I skim the request headers and then do a double-take. The first is from one of Ingrid’s counterparts in the Sydney office essentially, asking for the same data as Ingrid’s trend, but in reverse; the second is from Artie, one of the other pool freelancers and a slacker, asking me to doublecheck a report he’s attached; and the third one looks like some kind of automated system request from an old Turner-Google communications satellite.

“Can I go now?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry, Pat.” I forgot he was still on headset.

“Patrick,” he reminds me shortly.

“Patrick. Sorry.” A satellite request? I pop open the feed, but the extract timer just keeps spinning. It must be huge. “Look, just ride safe and be home by 9, okay?”


I drop the line and watch the timer spin. It’s probably nothing. I look at the priority tags. I look at the senders again. A satellite request?


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