daily – 11

The timer’s still going, so I start the Aussie request, popping open Ingrid’s trend file at the same time. I wonder if the one knows what the other is doing, their requests are so similar. I could ask, but that would drag things out, and my bonuses are based on response times, and killing two birds with essentially one stone works for me.

I re-filter the trend input, sorting the co-ordinates as requested. They also want a tighter focus of time, with more depth. I use the attached security key and wait.

I shoot my default order to the Taj down the street; Saag Paneer, two orders of naan, the samosa appetizer, and some mango ice cream. The timer on the order starts counting down from 20 minutes and I can already taste the naan.

In the background, the satellite feed is still extracting. Of course it would be one of those that doesn’t say how big the original is, to help calculate time to completion.

Turner-Google. That explains why it’s still functioning, but I’ll still be surprised if the format is anything I can make sense of without using a backtrack snoop to identify and decode the output. It’s probably in some proprietary format that hasn’t been used anywhere except on the remaining broadband software systems left over from the 30’s.

The data on the co-ordinates starts coming in, but my system’s choking a little as it keeps chugging away on the extract at the same time. The file could be corrupt, but it doesn’t seem like. Besides, now I just want to know what it says.


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