daily – 14

Just to check, I pull up Ingrid’s request and yep, there they are. Or some of them, anyway. She didn’t have as tight a focus as the Aussie’s request, which I pull up next. Sure enough, the Aussie’s coordinates match Artie’s exactly.

Looking at all three requests, I’m starting to feel a little weird. I can’t tell who asked Artie for his report, but there’s no question that it’s the same content. The coordinates are just numbers, of course, but I can feed them into one of the public satellite positioning databases and have the answer.

I stare at the meaningless numbers, then at the time. It’s almost 6 pm. Why do I care? I should just send it back to Artie and get back to the rest of my work. None of my employers are big on questions. Not that any of them have ever had anything to hide, but it means slowing things down, and slowing down is less productive.

The doorbell chimes just then, and I jerk slightly. The delivery access hisses open, the food clunks in, and then the access hisses shut. I glance at the order timer: 18 and a half minutes. Figures. Outside, I hear a door shut and then silence as the battery-fueled delivery car slips away.

Without knowing why, I pull the satellite feed back to the front. The snoop program has found a match for the format, but now the feed is waiting for a security key. I doublecheck the original satellite request, but there’s nothing else in it. Just that ancient file.