the flu + the computer = the pencil

so I’m knocked down with whatever has been running rampant through my office lately (3 of my team were out on Friday, and the remaining 3 of us were heading south fast), but i still need to post here. no big deal, right? well, and yes, i know it’s incredibly minor and all that, but my monitor hurts my eyes, pinning little needles behind them and into my sinuses. it’s not overwhelming, obviously, as i’m still posting, but it’s noticeable. i’ve changed the brightness down a bit, but that makes things look funny and somehow harder to read.

anyway, my point in all this was to say how much i love pencils. no glare, no feedback, no sharp shooting pains (until the hand cramp sets in after a good day of writing, but that’s the pain of joy, really), always ready to use (assuming the trusty pencil sharpener is near at hand – and mechanical pencils just don’t count for me; they’re brittle, frustrating, and prone to difficult), and somehow tie me closer to my work than typing.

i love the handwritten word, and i do almost all my writing in pencil first. Even these posts, which are all done in the moment on the computer, have handwritten notes and references scribbled on scraps and sheets of paper around my desk. i have long appreciated the slower speed that handwriting yields, and i have often benefited from that extra time. my mind can move far faster than my handwriting and i have been able to identify problems before i actually writing them out. when typing, i don’t tend to have that restraint, and as such often find that my typed stories are less well thought out, clear, and effective than those i’ve taken the time to work by pencil.


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