daily – 17

I ping Patrick’s headset. It buzzes, but he doesn’t pick up. He’s at Barry’s. It’s 7:30. They’re probably eating. I’m already dialing Barry’s house before I realize what I’m doing.

I need to get a grip. It’s dinner time. There’s cold Indian food downstairs, waiting to be nuked. Think about this.

But he mentioned Patrick.

Not impossible to get off the net, though. Legally, too.

But why? Madhav and I have never talked. He’s sent requests, I’ve done the reports and sent them back. That’s it.

The satellite feed is still blinking its security key prompt. I look at Madhav’s key. It’s impossible to tell from the key attachment itself whether it will work in the feed. What am I thinking? Why would the two be connected?

It doesn’t make any logical sense, but given what I’m looking at right now, it seems to fit. Or it seems like it would fit, if I just entered the key.


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