getting lost in the details

i just realized what time it is: half past twelve in the afternoon, and i’ve been planted in front of this screen since 7am. doing what? well, obviously not writing new posts, at least not yet. that’ll come later.

no, i’ve spent the morning working on the site, wandering around, looking at other folks’ sites, spying, probing, sneaking, cheating, to see what mine should look like. i’ve been doing this for months, now, so you’d think i’d have had this down, but no. i’ve continued to get lost wandering particular threads, taking me further and further afield, rather than landing on certainty.

so, today, i realized, what with the book actually in real physical existence, with a pile of author’s copies sitting on my living room table, and having revealed my three and a half year secret to my parents for the first time last night (i’ll probably post on that little experience later) , that i had to actually add a few particular things. namely, and most obviously, a page for the book, and thus i have. i spent the morning working with the WordPress interface (which i really like, overall, though i know it has a lot of naysayers) and getting the pages posted with the relevant content. i resized the book cover, edited the banner…

wait a second. who really cares that i resized the images, futzed with the CSS, created the site links, and all that? i’m getting lost in the details, again!

so, keep it simple stupid.

okay, so the short version (too late!) is the addition of the book pages, including an excerpt and links to some various online resellers who are listing it. (can i just say that it’s really very cool and equally surreal to see my name on

as this is all still a no frills job, i don’t know if anyone’s actually reading this, but with some luck and a fair bit of leg work, i’m hoping to change that. so, if you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by, and i invite you to check out the book excerpt, give my daily/weekly stories a once-over, and even say hello, either with a comment on the site or an email. i’d love to hear what you think.

right now, though, i really need something to eat, and there’s a muffled cry from the driveway, begging for a shoveling.


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