daily – 25 (1 day late)

I leave it at that while I stare at the enormous blank file. Is this just strange or is this bad?

“Hold on a second. No, wait, just come home. It’s almost nine, anyway.”

I’m skimming Madhav’s request again. It makes no more sense than before.

“It’s only eight-thirty.”

My eye catches at the small curved arrow ‘this message has been replied to’ icon sitting in the upper bar of Madhav’s request. I blink at the blank satellite feed and then back at the icon. I didn’t do that.

“Just come home, Patrick.” This can’t be real. The sheer volume of very bad things suddenly running through my head is all that’s keeping any one of them from taking hold and paralyzing me. A quick scan of the other last requests shows them all replied to, as well. I close my eyes. “Now.”


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