daily – 28

One thing at a time. Find out what was actually sent, then figure out how bad that is, then freak out about losing my job.

After grabbing the peanut M&Ms from my extra stash in the drawer, I browse the Sent folder. It’s absolutely huge. Whatever it was hit contacts I haven’t used in years. Of course, I’m a pack rat and I’ve got stuff probably as far back as my first stint at the University of Mass.

Doing a quick name sort, I see names I haven’t thought about in years. Hell, it’s even spammed Francine Doherty’s old cell phone account. That was tenth grade.

Francine’s face pops into my head as if it was yesterday. Sitting in Chemistry class; beakers and burners on the long desks and plastic protein chains hanging from the ceiling. Watching her from three rows back for months before finally asking her out. Not much of a relationship, really; I was already pudgy and she was mostly books and studying.