daily – 31 (catching up)

Slumping back in my chair and sucking on my wounded cheek, I scroll through the sent list, looking at some of the names.

Hannah and Gabbi from LJS. Great couple of women, always laughing. You could hear it all around the cubefarm. You’d never have known those two coders were Appalachian Trail junkies, too. but every year, off to the wilderness for a month, just them and their backpacks. I still shake my head at the insanity of some people. Wonder if they finally got out of the rat race.

Tim from UMA’s IT grad school. Smart-assed bastard. Knew it all, and knew he knew it all. Of course, he was in my classes, blowing the Bell Curve.

Great; Dr. Prollet. He’s not going to be too happy. He hates technology enough as it is. I wonder if I can reschedule next month’s visit.

Anthony Sanders? But that was sixth grade, Mrs. Fagen’s class, when we got our first laptops. I really have kept everything.


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