flagrant self-promotion – update 2

this weekend we aimed to hit those bookstores that we weren’t able to touch base with the manager on, last weekend. i’d tried back during the week after work to both of the ones that i hadn’t been able to leave my books at, but both managers were out sick, apparently with the same thing i had, because when we tried this weekend, they were still down for the count. then, for the the store i’d left the book at but hadn’t met the manager yet, the manager was not in that day, anyway. i tried another indie bookstore i had overlooked previously, but this time the manager was not just out or sick, but had, in fact, just left for a two week holiday.

ha. ha. ha.

did i mention it was all overcast again?

well, thankfully, we pushed on, and tried the other chain store, this one in the mall, where i met with a very engaging and interested manager who immediately agreed to carry the book, asked me if i lived nearby, and suggested putting together a signing.


i resisted the urge to kiss her in sheer gratitude, but did ask to leave a copy for someone in the store to read, which she again readily agreed to, even going so far as to say that several in the store might be interested. there was a technical glitch with ordering my book, but she said she would keep trying and to check back in a week or so to make sure, and then we’d talk about a signing maybe in April.

so, score:

  • will stock: 1
  • will consider: 1
  • may consider: 0
  • no response: 3

which, despite the numerics, i count as a win, because of the chain’s great response. who knows what will come of it, but having that experience at the end of that day was a definite lift.

moral: keep moving.


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