daily – 36 (catching up)

“My print won’t work! Dad!” Patrick’s voice is getting hysterical, but it’s almost drowned out by a large truck rumbling past. “Let me in!”

“System access, nine-eight…four-two-three!” I’m only halfway down the stairs and already gasping. “Open the door!”

No response. The lights on the security panel are still showing active.

“What’s going on?” The outside entry light casts Patrick as a shadow against the front window, his hands cupped around his face as he peers in.

“Hold on.” I wave reassuringly at him as I huff down the stairs, but I’m not really feeling it. “Must be a glitch.”

I almost stop on the stairs when I realize we can see each other. That window is supposed to be set to frosted by default. It was frosted earlier when I came down for the food.


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