daily – 37 (back on target)

I reach the door in a sweat of sudden fear, but I try to sound calm. “This is why I tell you to carry your hardkey. Hold on.”

“I know.” He’s still a bit nervous, but chastising usually helps bring him around, and this time is no exception. “But I’ve never needed it before and I was just going over Barry’s.”

I tap in the code, but the security panel doesn’t respond. The keys press, but nothing changes. It doesn’t even beep.

“What’s wrong with the network?” Patrick’s watching me through the window. The not-frosted window.

“I don’t know.”

All systems have glitches. That’s what hardkeys are for.  Except, the last time I had to use one was when Hurricane Abuela came through and knocked out our entire grid for almost twelve hours. That was only a few weeks after Patrick was born, and there hasn’t been more than a light rain for more than a week, lately.

“Have you-?” I was about to ask him what he was playing with before he left this evening, but then I realize the suddenly obvious. I turn and stare at Patrick. How are we having this conversation? A car swishes past and I remember the moving truck. The airseal’s off, too?

What’s going on?


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