weekly story kickstart/cheat

despite my intentions of maintaining a weekly story post, and despite my repeated statements that ‘this time, i mean it’, i’ve still only made two weekly story posts. so, in the vein of kickstarting this process, i’ve decided to cheat. sorry. but it’ll fill the current void of weekly story posts (the monthly story is still outstanding; i have no better answers, there.).

anyway, i’m going to feed in the work i’ve done on a new novel, separate from All Prophets are Liars, as the weekly posts. the novel is only a third complete, so, while it will give me a chance to hide a little longer, it will give anyone who’s interested something to read during those weekly posts. that hiding, though, will be fairly brief, just to allow me to catch up on breathing space for the writing. I expect to be writing in real time for the weekly story within a couple months. This will also, hopefully, give the reading experience more clarity than the daily story, as the organization has already been laid for the weekly.

so, without further ado, i give you:

Another Night at the End of the World
A Gupti and Manadan Mystery


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