super-fast-ultra-quick response time! x2!

i need to do a catch up on the flagrant self-promotion recently, but it’s almost midnight and i’m not a night owl, by any stretch of the imagination. i do, however, want to make a point of this one cool experience i just had (which may, however, show how inexperienced i am at all this).

i’ve been submitting query letters, snailmail and online, but regardless of where i send it, the response time is never stated as better than two weeks. most email responses are said to need 2-4, and snailmail is between 4 and 12 weeks. now, i have had some pretty good return times already (obviously all being declines, but that’s okay; it’s part of the process), but i just polished and sent off another email query, this one to Rachel Vater at Folio Literary Mgmt.

i’ve been following her blog as Lit Agent X on livejournal and doing some back research into the archives there, where i’ve found a lot of good suggestions and simple truths about the process, from writing to querying to promoting.

so, off i sent it, at 11:03 pm (time stamps are good), then back i went to researching and polishing a few other letters in preparation for send off. 14 minutes later, my email blinks at me, with her name tagged on it. 14 minutes later. 11:17pm. seriously.

now, obviously, this too was a decline (otherwise, instead of typing this in bleary eyed, i’d likely be bouncing off the walls), but that’s really beside the point for me, here. Rachel’s blog and site and work show quite clearly what she’d be interested in, and what she wouldn’t. while i was certain Witness wouldn’t be a direct hit for her, i saw potential in some of her comments throughout the blog and site, and took a chance. it didn’t pan out, okay, but she also didn’t waste any time in letting me know.

let me stress , as it might be construed that i’m being negative, this is a good thing. none of us like waiting, and to have an immediate response like this, even a ‘no’, lets me focus on my next steps, rather than distracting myself with unknowns.

but wait! there’s more!

in the time it’s taken me to write this post, she’s already responded back to my response to her response! (is that right? i think so…)

when i thanked her for the quick response, i also asked a couple questions about my query letter and she came right back with straightforward answers, answers which i can now use to further polish my query letters, as well as potentially inform my future writing.

again, i’m probably just showing my newbie stripes, but, instead of knocking me down a peg, this interchange has given me an unexpected boost.