daily – 57

“Mr. Nemmons, this is your final chance.” His voice is hard, now, annoyed, like I’m yanking his chain. “I’m counting to three, and then we’re coming in.”

“It’s not working,” I say, and it’s only after I say it out loud that I realize how stupid that sounds in the current circumstance. “Hold on!” I focus and rekey the code on the security pad, watching the lights shift, just like they should, and the green ‘Access: Open’ indicator glow confidently, just like it should.

A tug on the knob and still solid as stone. The airseal hasn’t disengaged, either. “It’s not working! I’m pressing the-”

“Time’s up!”

“Dad!” Patrick’s skipping down the stairs three at a time. “Use-”

A short piercing horn cuts through everything, making us both cringe until the officer cuts in again. “Move back from the door!”


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