my first (non-family, non-friend) review!

“Bill Blais is clearly genre-savvy and aware of the pitfalls here, and in Witness he attempts to skate around the trope’s failings and do it properly. The success of this is somewhat qualified, but it was by no means a bad read.”

read the whole review, courtesy of Sandstorm Reviews!

is Witness the NEXT BIG THING? will it turn the fantasy world on its ear? should Joe Abercrombie and Scott Lynch be looking for day jobs?

no. of course not.

nor was that the (honest) expectation.* all i truly held out any hope for was the simple fact of a review, positive, negative, or otherwise, and this has happened.

now, while i’m extremely appreciative of both the positives and negatives my family and friends have given me regarding this book, and the value of those reviews and comments cannot be overstated (particularly in getting me this far), the above review is also the very first view i have of someone who doesn’t know me from adam, and who has no vested interest in either the book or me.

this review is solely on the written words. period.

and that said, i think i came out fairly well, particularly for my first try. there are some very positive comments throughout, which are all the more impressive given the equal evaluation of the negatives.

rather than beat this thing to death, though (too late!), i’ll just end by saying thank you to Alice at Sandstorm for being honest and clear. it is deeply appreciated.

* so, okay, why would i not harbor some small hope for that same? i mean, come on. i’m just another flawed human, thank you very much.


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