daily – 60

Turning back, and giving the pleasantly green security pad a frustrated frown, I put the hardkey to the door, press firmly, and turn.

Immediately, the airseal whooshes out in a rush, back-filled by the sound of arguing voices on the other side which quickly fall silent, followed by the solid clack of the deadbolt releasing.

“Sorry, officer,” I blurt out as I pull back the door. “The house controls have been going haywire. Someone’s hacked my system and everything’s been unresponsive, but then…” The words fall out in a rush, clearly anxious and at least a little scared.

Three men in uniform stare tensely back at me from the doorstep and tiny front lawn, but all I consciously see is the pistol in the hands of the one in front.

My mouth continues working even though my brain is on pause, and my attempt to recover feels only more indicative of guilt, or at least stupidity. “I guess that’s why you’re here.”


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