well, it’s progress, anyway

so this was not all i was hoping for following my post last thursday, full as it was of forward motion and great writing to catch up on the last week and a half of inactivity with No Good Deed. i’m not caught up, by any means (and the realization that if i were caught up, i’d be done right now only makes this harder to accept), but i did manage to get 6 pages written, about 3000 words, over the weekend.

also, thanks once again to the clear-thinking and patient listening of my live-in-muse (wife), i’m finally through a particularly sloggy section. i know it’ll take some work to clean up, but i’m feeling positive that the work is not wasted. there will be some timeline re-arranging and this too-long section will be cut into shorter scenes, but overall it’s still good material, so i can’t complain.

tomorrow, i try again.


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