what i’ve been up to, or the excuse list

let’s see, it’s been almost three weeks since i last posted, with that i’m-going-to-start-writing-like-the-wind blurb, followed by an okay but not truly impressive 6 pages over 3 days, and then 2+ weeks of silence. so what gives?

essentially, september saw the end of my full-time writer test. i’m now teaching a pair of english courses at a local community college, as well as doing contract work for small web development company. the transition and new schedule requirements caught me a little by surprise, and i lost my momentum for a bit.

however, beginning last weekend, i got back on target, and have managed 19 handwritten pages as of this morning. that translates to roughly 9500 words, give or take, which is a great feeling. the words started coming again, and i’m very excited.

perhaps too excited? if my numbers are roughly correct, i just hit 100% of my target, but i still have about 10% of the story left to write, according to my outline and a general feeling. oh, well, i can always cut back. right now, though, i’m just thrilled to be back at it.