progress according to ‘book time’

yesterday morning saw some more good writing. i worked on a family scene that’s been coming for some time. i enjoy the interactions and the characterizations of these people, and i like the richness and believability they bring to the main character, as well as to the story as a whole. it might need a little expansion or perhaps a little tightening, but that will have to wait until i read it all over from beginning to end.*

that said, i’m really excited about these last several scenes, particularly the end scene. so, to help keep the motivation high and my focus clear, i’m using ‘book time’ to measure my progress. the entire story takes place over two weeks, and with my stopping point yesterday at the end of a day, i now have a shade more than two days left. so i will be measuring my progress by how far through each day i get. this is not meant to rush me forward, but help keep things on target.

we’ll see how this works.

* which reminds me again of the primary downside to handwriting: typing all this up. i was typing copy after i finished it as i went along, but that only lasted for about the first third (though as i keep writing, it’s looking more and more like the first quarter). carpal tunnel, here i come…

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