dragon – pfui!

i mentioned in my last post that i had picked up the Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help speed up the input time. well, after 3+ hours of installing, un-installing, re-installing, and finally searching the web, i discovered this little doozy buried on their site. the long and the short being that even though my computer has or surpasses all the requirements listed on the box, i can’t use the software because my computer was purchased before 2006.

what gets me is not that i can’t use the software (though that is obviously frustrating), but that i had to seriously hunt for the reason why it wouldn’t fully install, and i now have to wrangle with their customer service to send it back and get a refund (because i obviously had to open the box, etc., to install it and stores won’t accept opened software back for refund [for good reason, by the way]).

why wasn’t this information clearly marked on the outside of the box, rather than buried in a support site?

*deep breath*

so, i downloaded a couple demos of other software, but there just isn’t enough accuracy for fiction dictation, (you have to say all punctuation [‘comma’, ‘period’, ‘quote’, ‘end-quote’, ‘question mark’, etc.] – and when there’s a lot of dialogue, this gets messy to speak easily).

so, here i am, back to typing. i did get another 5+ pages done this evening, which is good, though a couple spots of revision slowed me down. i know, i know, but it’s hard to resist!

oh, i also put a couple short stories out to some magazines this weekend, both print and online. i want to keep that process going, too, to keep the active writing up and hopefully get some stuff out there. we shall see.

handwritten pages left: 180


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