the last few days

first, i hope everyone had even half as enjoyable and relaxing a holiday break as i did.

second, i almost made it this weekend.

saturday was a surprisingly good day for typing up the book, which was good, because friday was a surprisingly bad one. not terrible, but i just wasn’t there on friday. i managed a few pages, but then i found myself out in the garage hanging a string and weight to mark how far i can drive my car in when it touches the windshield, or walking the dog uphill in the cold rain (which was actually a great time), or heating up thanksgiving leftovers for lunch (and pie!), or hanging a new hook on the back of my wife’s closet door, or re-reading D M Cornish’s Foundling.

in short, not typing.

but, s’okay. that’s what that day was for, and it ended with a great evening at my parents for dinner with my brother and his family, which was an unexpected surprise.

saturday, as i said, was something else altogether. barring a brief hello to my wife at lunch and then a couple hours for dinner and Steve Carrell’s Get Smart (which was still very smart-ly funny [mostly] the second time), i was at the computer all day, Pandora in the background, going gangbusters. i typed up 31 pages before i called it a night, and i was having a blast.

that last bit is the most impressive thing, for me, at this point. the fact that i’m enjoying my own writing and the story feels smooth (for the most part) is something of a constant high. it’s by no means perfect, and i have two pages (and growing) of notes tagged on to the bottom of the document as i run across things i need to address in the full revision, but by and large, i’m very excited.

with this morning’s additional 7 pages, i have passed the section i thought was going to need the most work. while i will be addressing several things, it doesn’t feel nearly as ineffective or weak as i had thought when i finally finished it. this is even more interesting, because, as my wife pointed out, i have a much better sense of pacing with this typing process, as i’m moving steadily through it, so such obstacles would likely be more obvious, not less.

and now i’m at the last chapter. that said, the last chapter is 41 pages long. i think i’ve mentioned this before, my problem with accurately estimating chapter sizes in my outline. it’s a little disheartening to see this stack of papers still there, but it’s only a quarter inch thick, now, instead of two and a half. this is a good thing.

interesting note (to me, anyway): the ‘official’ word count seems to be homing in on the estimated word count with rather surprising accuracy.

but, of course, there’s the unavoidable fact that once i reach the ‘end’, i still won’t have finished the typing. there’s a bajillion (technical term) spelling mistakes to be fixed; the payment for speed. that will be tedious and a little time-consuming, but then it will really be ‘done’, as far as being typed up.

so, i’m looking at sometime this week, probably thursday, maybe friday. then again, we know how effective my deadlines have been…

in other news, it’s snowing here, and i am very happy. i live in maine for several reasons, and this is one of the biggest. it’s just a bit of a crystalline dusting, tonight, but it was great to feel it on my skin again and hear it hiss along the bare tree branches and down into the cold-prickled grass.

we live in a wondrous world, full of amazing things.

now it’s time for bed.