i did it anyway…

it was a school day, and unfortunately i had a lot of class work still to do, so i didn’t get to do any typing between classes, which was unforatunate, but first things first.

after dinner, though, i was prepared to get to typing, but this happened and that happened and then it was 7:45 and the wind was out of the ol’ sails, as it were.

and yet, when i came into the den to turn off the computer, i found myself looking at the document and at the handwritten pages waiting to be typed up and i couldn’t walk away. i’ll say it again, i’m really excited by this story and the events of this climax, and the excitement plunked my butt back down in the chair and i just finished another 4 pages, or 2000 words.

is there any greater high than loving what you do?

(other than actually being in love, of course!)


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