86 and counting!

mostly recovered from neck twinge, though for some reason sleep made it worse. yesterday didn’t quite match expectations, though, and i’d be probably another twenty pages further at this point if i hadn’t had a bit of a tangled re-revision episode a couple hours ago, however…

i’m less than a hundred pages away!

aside from the re-revision i mentioned, the progress has been very good, page after page (40+ of them this morning!). peeking ahead at the last 86(!) pages, i see a fairly clear field for some excellent progress potential this evening, before and after dancing, anyway. i know, more exercise, is that such a good idea? particularly with the end so near on the book?

i’ll have to risk it. we skipped last week, and we miss it too much to leave it again.

regardless, i’m feeling the mojo, so i don’t think anything can stop me now!

>insert self-hex here<