snow days are good

so we lost power at 1am from the snowstorm overnight, which was actually quite nice. we’ve got the woodstove for heat and there was still a little tepid water in the water heater for quick showers and school was cancelled, so we had nothing to rush out for.

i did have to shovel the two feet of snow off the back deck and about thirty feet into the back yard for the dog to go to the bathroom, but it was fairly warm, and, as i said, school was cancelled. yes, i know, as a teacher i should be more upset, but how can you not like a snow day?*

so, after shoveling in my pajamas and my fantastically awesome, super-warm, completely waterproof boots, we had a nice lazy morning of breakfast and tea and books and some outlining for me for my next book and some revision of short stories and toasting ourselves by the fire.

then there was the snowblowing and shoveling, which, while not exactly fun, is always a great feeling afterward. we had five foot banks at the end of both parts of our driveway, and our mailbox is no longer connected to its post**, thanks to the plows.

Francoishowever, when we finally finished that and cleaned the snow off the skylights, the sun had warmed the snow enough to make it snowman snow again! so, we rolled ourselves another one, named francois (he got a moustache), who has already lasted longer than fezzig from earlier this week.*** the dog had fun, as well, chasing snowballs and bouncing like a rabbit through the snow that was chest deep to her.

the rest of the day is a bit hazy, with after that, lunch (i spent too much time opening and closing the un-powered fridge just to make our sandwiches) prepared us for a bit of napping in front of the fire, thinly disguised as attempting to read and write more. but, hey, that’s what these days are for, right?

we’re finally back online, though, obviously, and just in time for dinner, too!

* assuming you’ve got a roof over your head, warmth in your bones, and all that, of course…

** it’s still in place, though, since there’s close to 8 feet of snowbank all around it, so my wife just faced it forward again and packed the snow tight, so it should be good for a few weeks.

*** fezzig actually sacked out across the front lawn before lunchtime, that day. i didn’t give him enough support, as a parent, apparently.


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