thanks to the dog

when the dog reminded me it was lunchtime (snacktime for her), i intended just to let her out for a few minutes, as usual, but the weather was so lovely that i found myself on a short break from work, wandering through the yard with her, chasing her around in the snow, checking on the progress of  maple syrup sap collection*, taking a moment over the steadily shrinking lump that was francois, and bolting our mailbox back onto the post from whence the plows had so blithely plucked it.

it was only twenty minutes or so, really, but when we came back in it was like starting the day all over. i’ve been spending more hours on the computer work the last week or so, and have neglected to take adequate breaks, and today was an excellent reminder of the benefit of walking away from time to time (and not just over to the cupboard for a cookie, which i’ve been doing too much of lately, as well).

this rejuvenation also reminded me that i had a short story ready to submit, and i took a few more minutes going over the brief cover letter (i don’t really have much worth saying in cover letters, yet, as i don’t have any real references to call upon – a self-published book is still a self-published book), and finally clicked ‘submit’. it’s always a mixed feeling of excitement and anti-climax. i’ve sent it out, and now there is waiting.

or, i can get moving on the next thing, which i am.

* i was very late starting this year, but hoping to get enough for at least one jar.


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