driving dangerously

i must confess that sometimes i am as bad a driver as those folks talking and texting on their cellphones or blackberries or whatever. like today, for instance…

i had to take care of an errand this morning, which meant i wouldn’t get the full morning to write before clocking in for my web job. i got some time in beforehand, but when it came time to leave, i took my notepad with me, in case something hit me on the way*.

the trip was half an hour, one way, and it was mid-morning so i was almost entirely alone on the highway. i skimmed the radio, but nothing was striking me, so i tried the CD, and was immediately caught up in the John Butler Trio‘s righteously indignant Gov Did Nothin’. before i knew it, i was scribbling away, driving with my knees, and discovering a great angle for the events of HHNF which really tightened the whole storyline.

then i glanced over at a Mass license plate passing me as the woman texted away on her mobile. my first reaction was frustration, until i almost laughed out loud at the hypcrisy of the pad and pencil in my own hands.

bad bill. very bad.

* i wasn’t having a particularly fruitful morning of writing, mind you, so i was really just taking the stuff along so i could say i tried.


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