outline complete, and we’re out of here!

yesterday was more productive than i’d hoped, particularly considering it wasn’t for nearly as long as i’d intended. nonetheless, the outline is complete, and (if i may be allowed a bit of crowing) it rocks.

yesterday was filled with a number of other pre-departure items (laundry, sweeping, downloading podcasts for the flights, etc.), but i was prepared. after taking care of the low-hanging fruit on the list and starting the first batch of laundry, i put myself above the garage and wrote like the wind for about 2 hours. in tiny, line-squeezing, back-hunching text, while listening to The Crow soundtrack*, because i was so excited by what i was writing!

i’ve talked before about the ‘discovery’ element of my writing process, and there was more than a little of that yesterday, but it was also interesting to note at points where my evaluative side would identify something that just didn’t work, as neat as it sounded or seemed like it might be.

normally i just run with it in these outlining sessions, only to stumble all over the page when i get to writing that section out, but yesterday i was consciously aware of some of these pitfalls, which is a wonderful feeling of growth.** better still, was the fact that when i saw these problems, i worked until i figured out more effective, interesting and powerful ways of doing what was needed.

but now, i’ve left this post til the last minute and we need to get a move on!

Oz, here we come!

* on repeat, multiple times, which is one very good reason for having a space apart from the rest of the house.

** not that i got them all, of course, but we’re taking steps, here.


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