day 11: can i pull this off?

well, this morning was much better than yesterday morning*, resulting in another 4 and 1/2 pages. better yet, i’m at what i’m going to call the ‘kernel’ scene for the entire story, now. this is the scene that’s been sitting in my brain waiting to be written since i started thinking about this story. there are other scenes i’m very excited about, but this is the one that, for me, encapsulates the whole thing. it’s a powerful scene, with a bit of action and a bit of suspense and what i hope will be a bucketload of unexpected fear.

which makes me nervous.

i don’t know that i can do justice to the emotional content of this scene and its impact on kelly. i may have bitten off more than i could chew. this isn’t the first time i’ve wondered if i should have kept this til a later book. it’s the kind of thing that, as a reader of a series, one would expect to happen later on, and my skill at achieving this successfully would, presumably, be greater.

but that’s part of why, in the final analysis, i believe it’s best this way, happening now. it makes sense to me, and it makes sense for kelly (though she’s certainly not going to like it), and it challenges me. if i can’t pull it off, i should probably pack it in.

guess i’d better make sure i get it right.

* although a single word would have done that, to be honest.

  1. jeez. now I’m all worried about what is going to happen to Kelly…after reading all the incarnations of what you did to Rick in Witness, I am very concerned.

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