day 20: when kelly speaks, i need to listen

i managed about 5 pages, today, which is just fine for a sunny summer saturday.* i also got another 3 pages last night before bed, bringing the current total to 98 handwritten pages.

i think i mentioned that i was uncertain about forcing the scene, yesterday, and that was exactly what was happening. i may still be making this mistake, but i’m taking heart in the fact that i’m at least identifying these situations earlier on. knowing this, and getting a few pages past it also helped make today a lot of fun.

i got a page and a half after my bike ride this morning and this set the stage for the rest of the pages this evening. why? becuase another particular scene i’ve been looking forward to was in the offing. or was it?

i had written up to that scene pretty much as i’d intended it**, but just as i was finishing to go have breakfast, it occurred to me that another character’s situation was not quite as straightforward as i’d thought. this realization came out of an unexpected thought that kelly had, regarding that person. at first, when i wrote it, i thought i was forcing things again, and it was out of place in the current context anyway, so i scribbled it out and went to breakfast.

by the time i got back to it after dinner, though, i realized it was a very realistic possibility. when i started writing, it became clear that it was, in fact, an absolute necessity. and now, with that scene just wrapped tonight, i’m again surprised by those parts of my writing that are not consciously intentional, as well as excited by what this does to kelly’s situation, both short and long term.

* thanks again for all your help, dad! the doorways look great!

** though probably in far more detail than will reach the final draft – i could backtrack a bit further, to mention that the current chapter, which i expected to take up a few pages, tops, when i wrote it into the outline, has reached page 21 as of tonight and has at least a few more to go. there are two reasons for this: 1) as mentioned above, there’s a lot more detail in this than will likely remain in the end, but 2) much of that additional detail is the result of actually writing the scene and seeing what actually works/has to happen/makes sense/is realistic, compared to what i’d sketched in my head and in the outline. i imagine it’s like this for movie directors. a scene on the page must often look drastically different than the one on the screen. anyway (to drag this footnote out a little longer), this seeming diversion into nuanced detail has also opened up some potential comedic and dramatic poignancy i hadn’t intended, and which i’m very grateful for. in the end, this chapter is drastically different than the original intent, but it achieves the same results, and then some, so i’ll probably just be cutting it into a few smaller pieces, for flow, and whittling it down for intensity.