day 37: that dang denouement!

i knew this was going to be a good writing day from the beginning, and 6 pages later*, i can’t express how excited i am!

no, it’s not done, but it’s that close. in fact, the plot itself has actually finished, but there’s some cleaning up to do, which is where the denouement comes in. the nature of this story requires a bit more, um, de-briefing at the end.

i considered leaving this til the next book**, and that’s largely how i had it in the outline, but having been through it all now, being able to see the full, complete picture, including all the side bits and unexpected but excellent (and in some cases critical) variants, i’ve come to the conclusion that the reader deserves a bit more closure, here.

which is not to say Closure, like driving Thelma & Louise over the cliff. that might work fine if this were THE END, but it’s not, and i don’t think it’s giving anything away to say that at this point.

so, there’s a bit more to work out, and even that is exciting to me, because i already know that it’s going to be anything but a letdown or info-dump, and i can’t wait to get to it. however, instead of jumping straight into it, i decided to give it til after work.***

anyway, the thing i got most out of all this is that all my doubts and misgivings from the last week or so have been effectively dealt with, and i can’t wait to get this one in my beta reader’s hands!****

* which makes 200-even handwritten pages, thank you very much!

** and really wanted to because that would mean i’m done!

*** kind of like ‘deciding’ to pay the bills.

**** which means a bit of carpal tunnel on the horizon…

  1. beta reader #1 is ready and waiting…
    whenever you’re ready…
    no hurry or anything…
    are you done yet?

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