readercon catchup: the end.

so that’s it. my brain is largely melted after four hours of typing this in (including zero HHNF work, i might add – you should feel grateful) and i know it’s too long for one post, but i need to get ready for work.

final thoughts: readercon is a truly excellent experience. the content ranges from the deeply philosophical (Novels of Advocacy v. Novels of Recognition) to the directly tangible (Odyssey Workshop) and eveyrwhere in between (Hacks v. Art Police, Strong Stories with Strong Parents, Words as Magic, etc.). of course, i’m still a newbie at all this, and this is only my second readercon and my second convention of any kind, but i can’t really picture a better place to start than here.

for anyone who has read this whole thing, congratulations! it’s over! of course, i also want to thank you very much and i hope it’s been at least a little interesting.

and now that that’s done, i’ve got a book to type up…


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