draft 2: started! (and my dreams are back)

so my dreams are back, which is a good thing. it’s been a while since i’ve had dreams (that i remember) regularly, and i’ve missed them.

the up-side is some tangential ideas for stories, some from that dream, some from laying awake, some from the dreams that came later.

the down-side, of course, is that these haven’t been terribly fun dreams and waking up at 2 in the morning, feeling queasy and a little scared because i’ve just woken from a chase dream through a forest, well, it throws off the quality of sleep. nor does it make me inclined toward my morning workout at quarter of 5.*

being tired, though, also lends me to distraction, and the internet is my version of alice’s rabbit hole, so this morning was not nearly as productive as i’d hoped. of course, nobody held a gun to my head and made me surf the net…

on the other hand, i’ve been having a good conversation with Neil Clarke from Clarkesworld in response to the Readercon panels: The Future of Speculative Fiction Magazines (his comments can be found attached to Part 2, but some relevant info is also in Part 1), as well as some general questions about online v. print content. very good points and worth checking out, if this arena interests you.

i did manage to get a few pages typed of HHNF, and though it’s a meagre showing, it has primed me for diving in.

after work.

* which i did anyway, and i’m very glad i did, but it still sucked.