draft 2: day 4 – it’s not my fault…

well, it is, but it’s okay. see, i can’t stop revising as i go, but it’s not all bad.

i just finished another ten pages, putting me just under 1/10th of the way there, which is excellent*, but today’s work was also the subject of a rather drastic amount of revision. a bit of that was unnecessary, i’ll grant it, but the majority was part of a revision i knew was coming.

i wrote this section originally as simply being remembered by Kelly, so it was all in the past tense, but after i got a little distance from it, i realized it would be much better suited to a more direct flashback. this wasn’t without some difficulty, and the loss of some nice content, but i think it’s ultimately for the best. whatever was lost, though, was more than made up for because the revision makes the content more immediate, obviously, which is needed at this point in the story (i hope).

we’ll see if that holds true, of course, but the revision felt very smooth and even clarified and condensed a couple of more awkward and murky areas, so i’m feeling good about it.

i’m also feeling very good about the fact that the next major area for expected revision that i can currently recall is not until nearly the very end of the book. if you’ve been following this, you’ll recall that i tried to force the ending, which was a dismal failure. i plowed through it anyway, though, to reach the end, knowing i would have to overhaul that section.

aside from that, though, i feel confident that the majority of the book is in an even better state in this first draft than No Good Deed was, and that was quite good, too. not perfect, of course, not hardly, but i’m hoping to get through the typing draft, and then one more pencil revision, then a final typed revision, and that draft should be ready to go to my beta readers.

right now, though, i really need to get some lunch.

*well, it’s actually much less far along than i’d hoped at this point, but there’s nothing to be done about that but keep going. this thought was recently reinforced for me with the fact that a good friend of mine just completed his first triathlon this weekend (a feat i’m fairly certain i’ll never achieve, as i’d sink like a stone in the swimming stretch). he said he’d never experienced such pain before, and thought the running would never end, but it did and he made it, and he’s pumped to train for the next one. the moral? keep going and keep learning.