pre-school daze

well, i’ve done precisely what i tell my students not to do, and have put off prepping my lessons for this coming semester until the week before classes.

bad bill. bad teacher. bad.

nonetheless, the time is nigh and it must needs be done. i’m hoping to get the syllabi finished before work this afternooon, which will put me in good position for the start of the semester and will allow me to get back to HHNF tomorrow, or maybe tonight.

in the meantime, here’s a link to where i spend too much of my time when i should be doing other things (like prepping course lessons?):

http://www.homestarrunner.comHomestar Runner Logo

and if you’re familiar with the Homestar Runner group, i highly suggest Strong Bad’s Virus Email.

if you’re not familiar with HR, i’d try to explain the humor, but i don’t think it’s possible. i want to say somewhere between The Smurfs and Dude, Where’s My Car?, but that’s not even right. just wander around.