draft 3: good day at school, and good evening work

the first day of school went quite smoothly, actually. the normal first day nerves and all, but the students seem a very good bunch. it was great to catch up with some former students, too, and always good to see when they’re doing well, but even when they’re not doing so hot, it’s good to see them sticking with school .*

and i kept my word this evening for writing, too, which was a nice plus. i only got through another couple notes (down to 33), but three other notes that have been swirling around looking for a door into the story just found their way in tonight. i thought they were separate conversations and i was having a bugger of a time trying to figure out where to fit them that they would make sense. however, i found a place for one of them this evening – filling a gap of time in the story that wasn’t sitting well with me when it was empty – and then the others fell into place behind without me even realizing it. good indicator, there.

and, as an added bonus, instead of a rejection letter in the mail today, i got a request for NGD by email!

* and a good reminder to me to be doubly and triply grateful for my good fortunes.


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