draft 3: or how a stonemason’s daughter became a demon hunter

so fortune favors the well-prepared, or inspiration comes to those who do the work, or whatever.

however you look at it, this was a good morning. not only did i have a very productive morning of revision (including completing the new scene i’ve been working on and really liking how it turned out, but also knocking off several smaller notes, and getting a good solid start on an environmental overhaul i’ve been rather dreading), i also found a great new pair of characters for a future Kelly story.

and where did i find them? in the newspaper. the other day there was an article about a stone artist’s symposium here in Maine, and the artists from all over the world who have won places in the symposium and are currently working on pieces for various towns around the state.

this is cool stuff in and of itself, but one of the people they featured was a man from Tblisi, who described his enjoyment of the work and the symposium through his daughter, who translated for him. i read the article yesterday and enjoyed it (and maybe we’ll see if we can shoot up there before they’re finished and watch them work), but left it at that.

until about an hour ago, as i was working on HHNF, when – completely out of the blue – i had a scene of this man and his daughter as a pair of itinerant demon hunters, or, rather, as the father being the hunter and the daughter being his translator/’fixer’/manager.

i don’t know exactly why this clicked with me just then, but it did, and this would be a great pair of supporting characters for a future Kelly story. i had to write it down so i could stop thinking about it and stay focused on HHNF, but it feels like there’s a lot of potential there.

but i can’t be satisfied with easy answers. remember i said the daughter became the hunter, right? well, as i wrote it down, i immediately switched the roles. the father is the ‘fixer’/translator, while the daughter is the hunter. perhaps she’s mute or something. perhaps he hates what she does, but knows she has to do it. perhaps they are in this at all because of the mother who isn’t in the picture. was she killed by a demon? easy answer. was she a demon? cooler answer. was it something else? hardest and maybe coolest answer!

man, do i have to go to work today?


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