draft 3: good weekend work, but…

the rain on saturday should’ve made for excellent writing, but i was up a little after four – for no reason i could see – and then nearly fell asleep on the keyboard, instead. sunday, though, was very productive, which was great. good work on the environmental overhaul i’ve been working toward (and fearing) and some good conversation tightening, too.

the only downside was the fact that it was a gorgeous day, and i was in on the computer while my wife was outside working in the yard and doing stuff. this is the hardest part, for me, of my writing: having to spend large chunks of my non-work time writing, instead of with my wife. add to that the admittedly obssessive and excessive amount of time i spend on my class schedules,* and it means not so much us-time. she understands, of course, and is entirely supportive, but it’s still not easy to come up for air after an entire beautiful late summer day spent inside, to find her sitting in the hammock reading a book and know that i missed that time together.

of course, then i bored her to distraction with my recital of the class lessons for today, so maybe she was better off…

* i’m trying to stop this. i really am.


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