finding the flow

[briefly, because this old man needs his beauty sleep]

preparing and grading classwork took a lot longer than i’d planned for this weekend, so this weekend wasn’t the 100 pages of revising i was hoping for. however, the class work is necessary and i still made sure i revised some each day.

the thing that got me most about this weekend’s brief revision work, though, is the fact that it’s really starting to feel like it’s coming together, and that’s as powerful a pull for me as anything i know. case in point: i went up over the garage to squeeze in a last half hour of revision at 8, and i’ve just come down two hours later wishing i could stay up there.*

it’s been a bumpy start to this draft, but working through it now, seeing it from piece to piece, from step to step, i’m excited by what’s there. i’m clearing up minor details (and a couple more significant items, admittedly), tightening scenes and strengthening dialogue, and i love it.

i also love my bed, though…

* i would be a serious wreck in class tomorrow, though, and that’s definitely not cool.


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