getting back up (slowly)

i’ve been away for too long, both from here and from HHNF’s revisions, but i’m re-aligning myself.

i’ve been focusing my energies elsewhere recently, which has been both fun (my wife’s birthday!, a good friend’s biathlon!) and necessary (school work, web work), but i’m again carving out time for the book, even to abide by the 5-minute rule.

i’ve been terribly lax in this regard recently, but i sometimes need to fall down in order to stand up straight.

it may take a little while, though. i’m a crotchety old bugger, after all.

  1. hmmm… i don’t know. I’m of the belief that I like you unconditionally. Of course, that’s easy for me to say as I sit at a computer far, far away. I’m in the midst of a bad 7 to 10 days myself. Don’t worry – things are bound to look up soon, right? Right?

  2. thanks, Jen. you’re absolutely correct, of course. well, about things looking up at least.

    i’m sorry to hear things haven’t been tops for you, either, but, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train). for me, it was finally getting real sleep and real exercise. now, i’m alive again and all the more excited for it. it’s like being sick, i believe: if i was always healthy, i’d never appreciate it. this doesn’t make the bad better, really, just more bearable.

    so just hold on and i know it will come around (here’s hoping for soon, too), because i have an unconditional like for you, too.

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