um, huh?

so, as i do, i was looking at amazon to see if anyone’s posted anything about Witness recently. while the answer to that question is no*, and the rank of the book has been hanging out past the 2 million mark for a while, the price of the paperback is now cheaper than the price of the Kindle version.

say what?

yep, as of this morning, it’s actually cheaper to buy the paper copy ($9.58) than it is to buy a digital copy (9.95).


well, amazon is having a “Sci-Fi Extravaganza” sale, which apparently includes my book.** while i’m not complaining in the least (and i would strongly encourage anyone to take advantage of this fantastic offer), it’s just one of those weird things that catches me off-guard.

in unrelated news, i got another rejection for NGD this past Monday. it’s getting harder to be upset by this when it’s the same thing every time. bleh.

well, better get back to revising Rubber Bands and Random Numbers, i suppose. had a good start this morning, thanks to the internet being down for a while, until the provider got it back up.

oh, and don’t forget to consider an ultra-cheap copy of Witness for someone on your holiday list!***

* if you’ve read it and not posted something to amazon, i’d be most appreciative if you’d consider it, negatives as well as positives. every little bit helps.

** which seems odd, given that there’s nothing about science in Witness at all (well, not yet, anyway).

*** ah, shameless hucksterism.


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