ah, phooey

i should’ve kept my mouth shut about the progress i was making on One Man’s Monster.

the next day i ran into a stumbling block about 2/3 of the way through the story. there’s a courtroom scene and it was rather heavy-handed, plus a point about proper legal procedure which i wasn’t certain about. i have since been trying to work my way through the language and the plot, and not having the best of luck.

i still think the bulk is solid, but there is more chaff here than elsewhere. this makes sense, though, as i’m out of my comfort and experience zones in courtroom scenes. the closest i’ve come to such things is Law & Order, and even then i’ve only seen a few episodes.* as a result, i was making it up when i wrote it all those years ago. now, though, i can’t let that be, and i need to do some more research, there.

not a lot, though, and i don’t want to get bogged down there, because that’s not the focus. the focus is in the dialogue of the characters. as it was, there was too much monologuing and navel-gazing by the main character. i’ve been working on trimming that down, which is easy enough, now. but i’m a little stuck with certain parts until i get the answer on that legal point.

so i guess i know what i need to do.

* i’ve been called for jury duty twice, but both times the trial was dismissed while i was still in the waiting room.


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