better late than never

okay, so i blew most of the morning’s writing time trying to get that little swf file to play and look right in the header of the blog*, but i just salvaged a little bit of self-worth from the day with a half-hour’s work on “One Man’s Monster”.

it isn’t earth-shattering and i’m not finished, but the research i did earlier this week, plus some pre-sleep notes i got down last night, gave me a very strong push through a section i was expecting more trouble with. i’m enjoying the dialogue, but the current PoV character is really coming into his own, i think, as a fully realized character. he was good before**, but the work tonight has really found his voice.

i like him.

which is a nice way to remain unaffected by another rejection in the inbox this evening.

* just shows me how much i’ve forgotten about my web design days, already.

** an un-biased opinion, of course.