unexpected workoad, but that’s okay

at my computer job has taken up the vast majority of this week. it unfortunately seems to come with the territory of web work, but it’s a good team of folks and i’m glad i have the time to help out. unfortunately, this week is also when i was going to prep for spring term’s classes starting on monday, so i found myself locked down on wednesday with school work and nothing but school work. that was probably a good thing, actually, as it kept me focused and i’ve just got to refresh the content for the first two classes in my head to prepare, finalize a couple things on the schedules, and i’ll be ready.

there’s been one more thing that’s kept me busy this week, and that’s some editing i’m doing of someoene else’s book. this is a great reversal for me, and has been an intriguing, challenging and rewarding experience for me (and i hope the author feel’s the same). the topic is well outside my normal content zone (and possibly comfort zone), and has pushed me to beboth more introspective and more objective. it’s been an interesting process, and i’m nearly there.

anyway, that’s the long way around of saying i haven’t done any of my own writing at all this week, but i’m okay with that. the computer and school work has to be done, but the editing work has been keeping my writing mind in shape. i’ve gotten a couple more rejections on the last batch of agent queries for NGD* over the last week, which is par for the course. it probably wasn’t wise to send them just before the holidays, but it was that or freak out for ten days with them hanging over me.

anyway, it is what it is, and this weekend, perhaps, will see some new work.

* including the HHNF submission to the agent who allowed me to do so. it didn’t suit, any better than NGD, apparently. s’okay, and i learned something about rejection notes: it’s actually possible to make form letters sound individual and personal (until the second one arrives with the exact same text, except the title). instead of being bitter at this, though, i’m impressed by the skill of the agent’s writing (especially in terms of the Business Communication course i teach). i suppose that says something about my own writing…