the only thing better than waking up to a snow day

is waking up to a snow day i didn’t know was coming.

this morning i rolled out of bed, get all dressed for work, got the dog up and down the stairs (she’s getting older so we have to be a little careful, now), and went to open the back door for her, only to discover 8 inches of snow were blocking the door and plenty more still coming down. i was totally caught off guard. we haven’t been paying attention to the weather lately, so we had no idea anything was even close. i ran straight back to the phone and called the school weather hotline, and – glory be! – the college is closed!*

it’s not unlike waking up on a day off expecting to go to work and then remembering that i’m not. it’s amazing how productive i become on these days. like now, with my first post in a couple weeks, i think, and plans to get headway on my writing, which has been largely stagnant.

i’ve got stuff to do!

but first, a bowl of steel-cut oats and some brown sugar… plus some warm and delicious fresh-made applesauce just now brought out to me! my wife is amazing.

* it’s not that i dislike teaching, by any means, but there’s always been something magical about snow days for me. yes, this throws the class schedule a bit, but i always keep a day or two as TBA to allow for such things.

  1. OH Bill, How I understand your surprise! This happened to us a few weeks ago! and how I envy your joy…. I remember the pleasure of listening to the radio and hearing “No school at Deering High” and then later on “University of Maine Law Swcool” and knowing I’d get to spend the day at home with my Mom.
    Here in Clermont, we rarely get school, and there is no such thing as an organized way to cancel life in a snowstorm…. so when we saw the snow we just had to keep on truckin’! Get the kids to school and then sit in 10 mph traffic…everybody got to work about an hour and a half late that day.
    But when we got home, we made snow angels!!

    • I hadn’t thought about that, but I don’t suppose it does snow much where you are. I’m sure it’s beautiful, but I don’t know that I could live full time in a place without snow. It must’ve taken the whole area by surprise over there. Has that been happening more? Snow angels are wonderful. We didn’t do that, but after clearing the driveway we did take a quick trip to a local hill and go sledding a few times. Until we’d had enough snow-blasted faces (and up the nose, down the shirt, up the pants…) to be ready to come home to some hot homemade soup for dinner. I’m very glad to hear that you and the kids got to play in the snow. Great memories!

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